It’s that time of year again when you need to step up and play well above your head. One of life’s great dilemmas. How to make her happy when giving your wife or girlfriend a birthday card. And how to do it without the complicated and frustrating time-consuming process it usually becomes.

Your fix is at Cardayo. Based on feedback from a ton of card recipients and industry experts, here are our guidelines.

Card selection:

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting a card is that you should be genuine to yourself. Make sure the card’s message and artwork is something that works for the type of person you are, and the relationship you have with her. If you are more humorous and lighthearted with her, don’t get a card with a book written on the inside. If you lean more serious and want to convey your love, avoid short messages and bad jokes.

Another tip: Be genuine to her. Get a card that fits what she appreciates. If there’s a private message in a card shared only between you two that’s perfect. If there’s some wording she uses or artwork that is something you can relate back to your time together, even better. Read the message and make sure it fits for what she wants to hear and will put a smile on her face or happiness in her heart. Think about how serious or lighthearted the card should be from her perspective, and nail that pick.

What to write:

Once you’ve picked the card, now comes the daunting part: What to write inside. This can be challenging, but here’s how we handle it. First: Be sincere. Write in your own words how you’re happy to be sharing her birthday with her, and how much she means to you. Always be yourself, but keep her in mind when writing your message. Your writing can be short and sweet, and it can be a novel. If you want to go on and on since it’s a special occasion – wonderful. But use your words reflecting your characteristics and what she wants to hear. Make sure anything short and sweet conveys enough love or happiness. It may be obvious, but speaking from the heart is what matters most here.


Most importantly pay attention to her reaction. Is she generally happy and thankful about the card and your words? Could she care less? Is it a home run or WTF hon?! Save a short note in your phone with what you can improve on for next year. It never hurts to get better!

We are pretty good at this so feel free to reach out to us with questions at or check out our website

Below is a great link with 100 different happy birthday message ideas that might help you get started. Don’t forget though – copying and pasting doesn’t always work – you need to be genuine!

-Cardayo Cardwriters