Getting the right birthday card or anniversary card might seem like a minor and easy to accomplish task. But those of us who have sweated through ‘flying’ to the store while fighting traffic to pick one card from so many useless options, all in a 15 minute window when you’re already 30 minutes late, know that such a simple task never ends up so ‘simple’.

We created Cardayo to provide men a greeting card subscription that stores all your future greeting card needs. Think of us as a greeting card scheduler where we mail you the card ahead of each event. Not only do we cut down on your trips to the store, we also use learnings from all our customers to offer and choose cards that work best for who receives each card.

A few weeks ahead of each event we’ll email you our card selection, where you can choose another card if our choice doesn’t work. Cardayo offers 2 packages for 3 or 7 cards at a time for $12 or $24. When your package completes we’ll automatically renew it until you tell us you’re done.

In a world where consumers have so much ease and convenience when buying things, we think Cardayo fills a big hole.

We rely on the post office to deliver our cards so unfortunately can’t ship same day or really anything super fast – the costs are prohibitive. For so many of our customers who recognize the obvious need to save time and plan ahead, we’re proud to help make their lives easier. It takes only minutes to sign up and create your card schedule, but saves so much future hassle.

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