We are card experts. It’s all we do.

Finding the right greeting card for someone at the last minute sucks. We created Cardayo’s subscription greeting card plan to make sure you have the right card ahead of all your important events. Think of Cardayo as your greeting card schedule keeper. You tell us what you need and we’ll mail all your cards when you need them. Forever. No more last-minute trips to the store just the best greeting cards delivered to your door. Never stress over a card again. Never forget an event again.

How does a Cardayo greeting card subscription work?

Simply sign up for Cardayo and tell us who your important people are and what cards you want to give them. Whether it’s a Birthday card, Valentine’s Day card, Anniversary card, Christmas card, or something else, we’ve got you covered. Cardayo will save your future events and email you a few weeks prior with a pre-selected card (that you can change). The card arrives in the mail right before you need it. Signing up takes only a few minutes but will save so much future hassle. It’s that easy.

Sounds good but how much?

Not only does the Cardayo plan save you time, it also saves you money. You buy cards in a bundle that automatically reorder – 3 cards for $12 or 7 cards for $24. Shipping’s on us. When your package is finished we’ll renew it in time for the next event.

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How do you know what cards we want?

You tell us the type of card sentiment – serious vs. lighthearted – best suited to each person, and we match it to the best card available. If you don’t like our choice you can change the card. If you don’t respond at all we’ll mail you the first choice from Cardayo’s card-selection algorithm. We see what cards are working for our customers and constantly improve the card-selection process. (The files. Are in. The computer. It’s so simple!)

Why do you only have greeting cards for your girlfriend or wife?

The card industry chooses to cater mostly to women buyers. We took the other approach at Cardayo to focus only on men, because we all know the card buying experience is mind bottling.

Why isn’t the card mailed direct to the recipient?

We think personalizing the card with a handwritten note is a much better touch and so will the receiver – believe it. so we’ll send it directly to you right ahead of when you need it.

Will you ship me cards I don’t want?

Absolutely not. Prior to every event, we’ll send you an email with card details and the ability to switch to a new card.

Is it difficult to cancel?

Of course not. But you won’t want to!

How long do cards take to arrive?

It depends on where you live and how quickly we can ship your order. Every event will have an expected ship date to ensure the card arrives right when you need it. And we’ll keep you posted if an event is too close to ship on time.

Other questions or concerns?

See our FAQ page at http://www.cardayo.com/help-faq/ or email us at info@cardayo.com

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