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How long do cards take to arrive?2019-09-28T05:18:15-05:00

It depends on where you live and how quickly we can process your order. Every event will display an expected ship date. When you order within 2 weeks of the event we might be unable to send it on time.

How do I know when the card has arrived?2019-09-28T05:17:53-05:00

We will send the card by the US Postal Service in a Cardayo envelope. It typically will arrive 2-3 days after we ship it..

Can you ship the card directly to the recipient?2019-09-28T05:17:29-05:00

We currently only ship to our customers, but ask when a card gets mailed again to the recipient and add extra shipping time.

I never know what to say when I write a card – why don’t you write them for me?2019-09-28T05:17:02-05:00

We think cards should be personalized, but please check our blog for useful ideas to get started.

Why don’t I see the cards when I first sign up?2019-09-28T05:20:16-05:00

Cards are selected shortly ahead of the ship date instead of months in advance.